Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Bridal Hairstyles

Don’t have 200 dollars to spend at a salon on your hair for your wedding day? Then don’t! There are many elegant and easy wedding hair styles you can do on your own.  Of course, the last thing you need on your big day is more stress, so frugal brides should focus on simple styles that will hold up through the ceremony and reception.
Check your bathroom, most of the materials you will need for the perfect wedding day look you probably already have! They include:
·        -1” curling iron or rod
·       -  Metal Double prong hair clips
·       -  Hair spray
For a full head of long flowing curls on your wedding day, follow these easy steps:
1.       Starting at the root, begin to curl hair, twisting the hair, and adding more until the entire iron is covered with hair.
2.       Gather the curled section and pin with metal clip.
3.        Continue to do this to the bottom section, moving up through the entire head, until the head is completely set. Rotate sections around your part, curl the front away from the face, to achieve a softer, modern look.
4.        Let hair set for 20 minutes, spray lightly with hair spray.
5.        Start releasing the hair from the bottom up, keeping the curl intact as you go and spray hair, lightly, after all the curls have been released.
6.       Gently, with your fingers, pull through the end of the hair to soften and release the curl.

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