Monday, December 3, 2012

Timing is Everything

Every bride wants their big day to go off smoothly and just how they have always dreamed.  However, many brides underestimate the stress and amount of things that have to be done the day of.  If you’re planning your own wedding, it is very helpful to just hire coordinator just for the day, to take over setting up. Then your family, bridal party, and you can have time to relax, get ready, and take photos.  

When scheduling your hair and make-up, you may think the stylists are crazy when they tell you how much time they will need but trust them, you don’t want to end up short on time and rushing the bridal party to get ready.  The bride should always be the first or second to have hair and make-up done.  Even if its hours before the wedding, your make-up team will stay around and do touch ups at the end.  Make sure the bridal party and the parents are dressed before the bride, so that when she is ready everyone else is too. 

Don’t leave your guests waiting.  If your invitations say that the ceremony begins at 5:00pm, the bride should be coming down the aisle no later than 5:20.  The length of your ceremony should be reasonable, around an hour, no one wants to be sitting through a long ceremony especially if your wedding is outside or in a small compacted area. 

After your ceremony ends, the bridal party will most likely go off to take some photos before the reception.  During that time give your guests something to do while they wait, a cock tail hour is great.  The less time between the end of the ceremony and the reception the better!

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