Monday, December 3, 2012


The Wedding's over. Your groom opens the door to your honeymoon suite and ushers you inside. He tries to kiss you, but you put a finger to his mouth and grin, telling him you need to use the restroom and you'll be "right out". You slip inside the bathroom, admire the fancy porcelain sink, your gaze travels upward to make eye contact in the mirror, and you wonder, "now what?"

The transformation from your wedding day to your honeymoon night can be a stressful one. Brides are supposed to look serene, with clean makeup and modest dress lines that shly shower their bodies in lace and white.

The wedding night, however, is a completely different animal.

Your makeup, hair and apparel (obviously) is going to be comepletely different. For the ultimate transformation in less than 30 minutes, check out our tips below!

1. Consider doing an updo for your wedding brimming with volume and curls-but not with too much hairspray. You want to be able to release the updo without your hair looking stiff. You want to utilize the tightness of those curls to help create lots of volume for a wild, sexy look.

2. If your eyeliner merely skims the eye for your wedding, pack a trusty brand in your makeup bag. Bold the eyelid right about your eye and lengthen it a little bit for a sexy cat-eye. Don't rim your upper and lower lid because you risk looking like a dolled up racoon.

3. Don't put bold lipstick on. Men don't like the taste of lipstick and lipgloss. Put a light shimmer on, and concentrate mostly on your eye make-up. They communicate more than your lips anyway; they can beckon without saying a word or lifting a finger.

4. Pack mints in your make-up bag, and floss along with your toothbrush and toothpaste. You want your breathe minty fresh.

5. Pack a tanning lotion. Besides wearing black, being tanner helps give you a sleeker look. Don't get too strong of a brand so that you don't risk it coming off super obvious or having visibile application lines.


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