Monday, December 3, 2012

Something Borrowed

Every girl at one point has dreamed about wearing their mother’s wedding dress on their dream day. Usually it goes something like this:

The “shhhh” sound the dress makes as it’s pulled from its plastic cover. The nervous anticipation as it’s slipped on. Hands press it close to your chest since no one is there to help zip it up. Turning around and seeing it on for the first time on in a floor length mirror. Smiling shyly and feeling a sense of timelessness.

However, tradition threatens to keep the fresh mind of brides short sighted. Yes, every girl has dreamed about wearing their mother’s wedding dress, but what other items could be borrowed to make your day even more special?

Below are 5 tips for what to borrow to give your wedding a really special finishing touch:

1. If you’re close to your grandmother, see if there’s anything in her closet that she wouldn’t mind your borrowing. Say, a pearl necklace or her totally vintage black heels?

2. Is there a gorgeous antique mirror that’s been passed down in your family? It could make a lovely object to have in the background as you and your bridesmaids get ready for the big day.

3. If your mother gardens, consider creating your bouquet out of what her gardens have to offer. She will most likely know which flowers will be spectacular during the month of your wedding.

4. Borrow a theme that is reminiscent of your first date and integrate it on your wedding day. Did you start dating around Christmas time? Do you remember driving around together and admiring the beautiful Christmas lights? Then utilize strings of Christmas lights on your wedding day. Shower a curtain of white lights over every window of the church you’re getting married at, or if your wedding is outside in the summertime wrap them around every tent pole.

5. If your religious, and your grandfather or father has been an amazing godly role model for you, consider having the pastor read out of their bible when he preaches.

What is something that you plan on borrowing on your wedding day? We’d love to hear from you!


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