Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photographs Every Bride Should Have

You have probably heard people tell you that the only thing you’ll have to remember your wedding by is the photographs. While that’s not entirely true, photographs are a huge part of your wedding, because they will be cherished by you and loved ones for years and even generations to come. Make sure you hire a seasoned photographer so they won’t miss capturing anything on your big day. Even if you do take care to hire someone with a lot of experience, many photographers overlook certain photos on your big day- they are stressed and rushed, too! So here’s a checklist for you to keep in mind so if you notice these pictures aren’t being remembered you can pipe up and remind your photographer to grab the shot:

  • You and your parents. Groom with his parents.

  • Your parents- just the two of them. Groom’s parents- just the two of them.
This is probably THE most forgotten shot. My own photographer at my wedding never got a shot of just my parents together. My Mom still regrets it 5 years later. Be sure this gets done!
  • You with any siblings/special friends who are not in your wedding party. Groom with any of his siblings/special friends who are not in the wedding party.
Your wedding party will be well-photographed. But if you have any siblings or special friends who aren’t attendants, be sure to get a shot of you with them. It will mean so much to both of you for years to come.

  • Any babies/ young children at your wedding.
You can gift the photos to their parents for a special occasion, and it is also so much fun to look back and see how much the little ones have grown as your own marriage has grown. Especially if the little ones are in the family!

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