Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things You Wish You Knew Before the Ceremony

  1. “Must-Take” list. If there are poses, people you want in images, places at your ceremony or reception you want to have photographed make sure you prepare a list for your photographer. It may be a good idea to talk with him/her beforehand so that they know how to prepare, if they need to bring anything for their camera. We actually cannot stress enough that it is important to tell them before because not only will you have “wedding brain” but it will be less stressful for the photographer.

  1. EAT! Yes, eat throughout the day on your wedding! Your stomach may be a bundle of nerves, or you may be insanely busy, but not eating the entire day is an easy way to make your wedding something a little less of a joy than it could be. Also keep in mind your bridal party, keep on hand fruit, water, granola bars, little sandwiches, peanut butter, gatorade, and peppermints for the girls to snack on. No one wants anyone passing out during their vows!

  1. DIY your wedding into your budget. Every girl dreams of her wedding day for practically her entire life, sometimes there isn’t an extra $27,000.00 laying around to spend on the average wedding (yes, that’s the average cost in 2012). Pinterest is your friend, and your friends are your other hands in the crafting department. 

There are so many other tips that we can share with you, but the rest of them are to come in our next issue! Do any of you have tips people have given you, or for you married ladies out there what do you wish you knew before your big day?

We look forward to hearing from you soon, connect with us on facebook and Pinterest! As always, Happy Planning!

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